Board of Management

The Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive (UEEA) Board of Management consists of Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive industry employer representatives, employee representatives, the Chief Executive Officer, one appointed observer from the State Training Board (STB) and one observer from the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD).


Steve McCartney, Australian Manufacturers Workers Union, representing the AMWU


Melonie Stuart, Newmont, representing the engineering industry

Board Members

Shaun Holland, RAC, representing the automotive industry

Carl Copeland,  The Electrical and Communications Association of WA Inc, representing the electrical industry

Joe Guira, Westrans Services WA Pty Ltd, representing the automotive industry

Neil Hooley, Water Corporation, representing the water industry

Mr Peter Carter, Electrical Trade Union, representing the ETUWA Union

Mike Millard-Hurst,  Western Power, representing the electrical supply industry

Daniel Langley, representing the engineering industry

Vacant, representing the engineering industry

Jill Hugo, Australian Services Union, representing the ASU Union

Mr Carl Holmes, representing telecommunications industry

Mr Jake Hickey, representing the waste industry

Vacant, representing the gas industry

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Cullen, Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive Training Council Inc, representing the UEEA Training Council


Steve Moir, State Training Board, representing the STB

Jodie Wallace, Department of Training and Workforce Development, representing the DTWD