Waste Workforce Project

This project was funded through the Waste Authority of WA to assist and support the waste industry in building a capable workforce to implement the State Waste Strategy.

The Workforce Development Project aims to provide a personalised service to waste organisations to identify and overcome challenges associated with:

  • Competition for skilled labour
  • Employee development
  • Language, literacy and numeracy skill development
  • Attraction and retention strategies
  • Managing an ageing workforce
  • Recruitment strategies

The Waste Industry is one which revolves around the collection, storage, disposal of waste ranging from ordinary household waste to the proposed waste to energy plants.  To cater for the range of operations that occur within the variety of waste facilities a very diverse and skilled workforce is required.

The diversity and scope of waste industry careers  are highlighted in the following two career journeys:

Mick Danilov – Waste Collection Coordinator – City of Cockburn

Mickey looks back to May 1998 where his job was to manually push a cleaning machine along Albany Highway.  His role was a Street Cleaner for Town of Victoria Park.  His hard working ability was rewarded and his waste career with the Town of Victoria Park continued.

  • Promoted to Team Leader of Waste Collection Team 2000.
  • In 2005 Mickey became Supervisor of Waste Collection Team.
  • Moved to City South Perth in 2010 as Waste & Fleet Coordinator.  Mickey was part of  the first group to complete Cert. IV Waste Management.
  • Journey continues to his current role with City of Cockburn as the Waste Collection Coordinator.  Included in this role is to manage the team of 24 employees who are responsible for household and verge collections.  Over the years Mickey has completed tickets in: Forklift Operations, Front End Loader, Traffic Management, Dealing in Hazardous Goods.
  • Mickey is currently completing Cert. IV Frontline Management as part of his and the City of Cockburn’s workforce development strategy.

Mickey’s next career move could be into a Manager position within the Waste Industry.  He adds that his commitment and desire to protect the environment has provided him with a great career.

Janelle Booth –  Senior Environmental Consultant, Waste –  Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd.

Janelle’s journey in the waste industry has equipped her with a skill set that is transferable across a number of countries, organisations and roles.  How it all began:

  • Leaving school Janelle completed an environmental traineeship. Great introduction which led her to complete a Degree in Environmental Studies.
  • Work experience at Dept. Environmental Protection opened the door to a Waste Educational role.
  • Travelled to London and obtained role in assisting councils/companies in reducing their waste.
  • Promotion to Policy Officer with Greater London Authority.
  • Continued in a Waste Policy and Education Coordinator role back in Sydney together with managing a small team.
  • Completed Masters in Business Administration to assist with financial and staff management.
  • Time to continue learning and expand her skill set, so Janelle secured a position with a small waste consulting firm.

Next move was into her current role where she has the opportunity to combine her technical and organisational skills.

This Waste Industry Training and Development Project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account